Delicious winter edition Deluxe

Delicious winter edition Deluxe 2.0

In the busy month of December Emily could sure use some extra help
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Delicious Winter Edition is another installment of this time-management game in which you have to help Emily in her restaurant, but this time it has a winter theme. Like in most games of this genre, there's a goal that you must achieve in order to get to the next level. As always, you have to wait for the customers to make their order and then click on the machine icons to prepare the orders and deliver them to the clients before they get mad. When the customers finish eating, they will want to pay, so you must click on the cash register. Then, you will have to clean their tables, so you can sit more customers there. Remember that the customers have different patience levels, so the faster you deliver the orders, the more tip you will get. Also, there is a series of goodies that you can give to the customers to improve their mood and prevent them from leaving unsatisfied. As you progress in the game, more things will be added to your restaurant, you will acquire more trays to deliver the orders faster and you can open more restaurants.
What is more, the game includes two modes: City to City and Day In, Day out. However, to play the latter you will have to complete the main mode first to unlock the different restaurants and then choose the one you prefer.
Regarding the graphics, they are colorful, but not really detailed. Sound effects are good and the music is nice, but a bit repetitive.
In short, Delicious Winter Edition is just another time-management game that will surely attract many fans of this genre.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Really fast-paced
  • 7 different restaurants
  • Two modes
  • Lots of customers


  • Repetitive music
  • Upgrades are added automatically, so there's no strategy involved
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